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Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor old T-Bone
Poor old Thabo. The man is under fire from every quarter, sees foes at every corner and friends running in every direction. He is being goaded by the DA who are accusing him of cowering before the Zuma factions but yet he has little room to manouver.

His rather insipid and wholeheartedly transparent attempt at blocking the release of the full Khampepe Commission - which was supportive of retaining the Scorpions - under "threats to security, defence and international relations" (anything else you'd like to add Thabo, maybe threats to the Bulls defence of the Super14?) was the mark of a man desperately trying to maintain relevance whilst power is stripped from him.

Personally, it's sad to see. We all know that Thabo would undoubtedly enjoy retaining the Scorpions, but alas, his favour falls in the wrong court since Polokwane. Political reality remains.