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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Alternate view on the BJF
There's been a lot of conjecture about the decision of the Black Journalist's Forum to bar white journalists from the Zuma session a week or two ago, much of which I agree with. For an additional view, here's an op-ed piece by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya in the Mail & Guardian. Moya writes:
So let us not kid ourselves. It is patently untrue that black people are incapable of being racist. The poverty of thought displayed on the banners of the relaunched FBJ showed that blacks are not instinctively sensitive to the pain of racial exclusion.

But similarly the owners of media houses cannot, solely on the basis of the blackness of those who manage newsrooms, assume that black journalists have no issues that pertain to them as blacks.

Condemnations can fly. The question is: Can those editors in the South African National Editors' Forum return to their newsrooms, face their black colleagues and say the reasons for the existence of the FBJ are absent in their workplaces?
Read the whole thing here.