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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shaik admits to bribing Zuma
When someone's back is against the wall, the truth usually outs. Shaik is a case in point. With the state going after his assets gained through corrupt practices, his defence team have had to use the only gambit they have left, to admit that Shaik bribed Zuma, but to quibble on whether this was the ultimate decision-maker in the arms deal selections. It's a pathetically well-worn strand, but it is the only card they have left to play.

Unfortunately for Zuma, it only adds to the rising tide around him. With my scant knowledge of the legal process, I'm not sure whether this is admissable in Zuma's graft case, but one would imagine that it will weigh heavily on any decision within the NEC as to Zuma's presidential hopes with Motlanthe waiting in the wings.