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Friday, March 14, 2008

Can. Worms. Open.
As we've discussed before, there is plenty of dirty laundry yet to come out regarding the ANC's role as a party in the 1999 Arms Deal. The Mail & Guardian this morning breaks new revelations about the murky network of companies involved (most notably Chancellor House) with bidding companies, the money trail of which ultimately flow back to the ANC.

The so-called “Mabandla dossier” obtained by the M&G illustrates arms brokers' dealings with the ANC during the arms deal bidding process and raises new questions about President Thabo Mbeki’s role.

There is plenty more to come out here, especially if Zuma's graft trial goes to court . There is a distinct democratic danger here, but personally I feel that in order for us as a nation to move forward, all of these shady dealings must be aired. We need to have an open acknowledgement of these transgressions and suitable justice served, in order for us to fully defeat corruption and move forward to clean governance.