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Monday, March 31, 2008

The end is nigh?
Bob's delaying of the ZEC results is an incredibly worrying sign, both for Mugabe himself and for the prospects of a peaceful handover of power. It is incredibly difficult to believe that the real reason for the delay is "logistical problems" and not some last-ditch attempt by Mugabe to affect the outcome. There is simply too much personal power at stake for him to give up almost 30 years of rule meekly.

But the wider questions is; what will happen if Mugabe is announced to have won this election? If this was the case after the results were announced on time, it may not have had too much effect, but announcing a Mugabe victory after delaying the results may be a match to a tinderbox. One would hate to see what happened in Kenya (the election violence, not the ethnic violence) happen just across our borders, but this may be the realistic outcome.