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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Australia treads on thin ice
Whilst this bill was mooted a while back, the fact that it has actually been introduced into Australian Parliament represents quite a turning point in Australia's history with the Aboriginal peoples. The bill introduces legislation to ban alcohol and pornography from Aboriginal communities whilst also forcing them to spend a portion of their welfare cheques on certain items.

The bill has been introduced to try to stem the criminality into the Aboriginal communities, which have been described by the Indigenous Affairs Minister, Mel Brough, as "a failed society where law and order and behaviour have broken down and where women and children are unsafe". Whatever the reality on the ground, which is beyond my first-hand experience to comment on, introducing legislation which treats a certain cultural group entirely differently, restricts their economic freedom, enforces purchasing decisions for them and entrenches a perception of them as being 'dependents' of society, is a very dangerous move.

Watch this space for more response to the Bill.