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Friday, August 03, 2007

The Zuma Files
The Mail & Guardian has a very interesting investigative journalism piece on the supposed Zuma 'coup' plots. It essentially states that the sources of the intelligence, that were so hastily discredited as "information peddlers", are actually solid 'moles' that South African intelligence communities have readily used in intelligence gathering before.
They include:

* A former military intelligence (MI) officer who worked closely with Unita leader Jonas Savimbi and has maintained excellent contacts in Angola. His reports on the Angolan business environment and security establishment circulate quite widely within the intelligence community where they are considered credible. They are the basis of some of the allegations about Angolan interference in the ANC succession battle explored in the Browse. Far from being automatically dismissed by the South African Secret Service (SASS) and National Intelligence Agency (NIA) as a peddler of disinformation, the source provided the initial warning that sparked South African moves to prevent the coup in Equatorial Guinea.

* A private intelligence consultant with a background in the British security services. This person, who has worked closely with the Angola expert, helped South African intelligence and the Scorpions arrest the Equatorial Guinea plotters. He has also helped the presidential support unit on African security issues.

* A veteran ANC intelligence operative who now works privately, but maintains strong links with the ANC and government.

* A private investigator who cut his teeth in apartheid intelligence, but quickly forged links with ANC intelligence post-1994, and has worked closely with police National Commissioner Jackie Selebi. The Browse does not rely unreservedly on him, noting that while his information has been corroborated, he was not directly approached because he poses a “security risk”.

* A senior ANC official with detailed insight into the political and financial sources of Zuma’s support.

Well worth a read.