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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Zille Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet
I must admit to being a little disappointed in Zille's first few months as head of the DA. I was hoping for an alteration in approach, whereas all we seem to have is a continuance of the status quo of the previous one-dimensional combativeness. In attracting Black votes, the DA is a leopard that must change its spots, but this opportunity to do so is rapidly being missed.

It can be seen repeatedly, even this week. The DA attacking the DTI saying that "millions" are being lost with the lottery shut-down, and then, when challenged on CapeTalk about the source of the figures, resorting to an ideological side-step of "the figures aren't important, it's the principle". Their rabid drum-beating about the lottery is a mystery to me, it seems a strange battle to pick.

More illustrative this week has been Zille's call for a a multi-party task team to “advise” government on the post-Truth and Reconciliation Commission process because it "runs the risk of undoing the process of reconciliation". How can ordinary voters, and most especially non-white ones, read anything else into this that the DA is attempting to restrict the prosecution of apartheid leaders that did not come clean under the TRC. I don't believe that this is the truth, I simply don't believe that the DA is made up that way, but it aggressively reinforces the voter perception of the DA as a White people's party. In doing so, the DA walks into the same wall it has done under Leon.

The DA's reasoning is that the precedent could lead to a witch-hunt. The TRC offered clear amnesty to apartheid leaders and apartheid criminals that gave full disclosure of their crimes. Those such as Vlok, who did not, fully deserve to be prosecuted, I don't see why they should be given second chances. The DA has no feasible right to be in this fight, and they are only conspicuous by their presence.