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Monday, July 09, 2007

The McBride Cover-up
Let's just hope something comes of this. The Star carried a great piece yesterday on the covering up of McBride's drunken accident late last year.

For those that missed it last year, a raft of witnesses came forward to assert that McBride was 'blind drunk' at the scene of the festive season crash, many even stating that they were assaulted by police trying to whisk McBride away from the scene. McBride and other cronies in the police force vociferously denied the claims, but suspiciously could give no further detail about McBride's whereabouts after the accident.

However, a number of affidavits made by those officers that aided his escape have come into the Star's possession, and they make for interesting reading, according to the article:
"Mr McBride was drinking whisky. When he arrived, there was half a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black left. After this was finished, Mr McBride asked me to arrange for more whisky," Segathevan wrote.

"I gave some money to one of the members. They returned with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Mr McBride remarked that this was not his favourite whisky but he will make do.

'The doctor was confident there were no serious injuries or damage'
"I shared a drink with Mr McBride, (after which) he said the rest of the bottle was his."

When McBride was leaving the year-end function, at the Oberon resort, near Hartbeespoort Dam, Segathevan noticed "He did not look sober enough to drive".

The officers say they left minutes later and came across McBride's smashed Chevrolet on the R511.

Koko and Johnston arrived first.

"Koko informed me he was going to transport Mr McBride from the scene on Mr McBride's instruction," Segathevan said.

The three officers later met on the side of the road and the metro chief got into Segathevan's car. He was taken to Segathevan's cousin, a doctor with a practice in Boksburg.

"I took McBride to Dr Segathevan, where he was examined and cleaned up. The doctor was confident there were no serious injuries or damage," Segathevan said.

At a press conference after the incident, McBride swore he was rushed to a hospital - the name of which he could not disclose - and that he had suffered a head injury, which gave him amnesia.

The affidavits claim McBride asked his officers to get Segathevan's cousin to make a medical report to say his blood sugar levels were low and that he sustained serious injuries. However, Dr Segathevan refused.

The officers then describe how, together with their boss, they visited various doctors - in Ga-Rankuwa, Vosloorus, Katlehong and Reiger Park - to seek a fake medical certificate. After various referrals, and McBride's overseas visit, they took a trip to Durban to visit a lawyer and a pathologist.
It's things like this that I wish got wider press, and led to charges against McBride and his cronies. Will it happen? I doubt it...