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Monday, August 06, 2007

A World of Conspiracies
It seems that South African politics is constantly moving from one shady conspiracy to the next. Whether real or imagined, it seems our papers are constantly filled with allegations of shady operators 'trying to discredit' the organisation or individuals currently in focus. From the Zuma files to the more recent Blade Nzimande fraud investigations, it seems our political landscape is controlled by 'agent provocateurs'.

Nzimande is being accused of fraud by businessman Charles Kasinja Modise who accused Nzimande of embezzling R500 000 that he donated to the SACP in March 2002. Naturally, Nzimande and other SACP leaders have stated that this was a "campaign was being conducted by elements, including agent provocateurs who were hell-bent on destroying the party".

The investigation has just begun, but watch this space for more details. Let's see if its conspiracy theories, or just plain criminality.