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Monday, December 18, 2006

Zuma supporters in the EC hit back
After recent moves in the Eastern Cape's ANC branch in support of Mbeki, it seems that Zuma supporters in the region have hit back, alleging voting irregularities in the provincial elections. Given how long this is after the elections, one can only surmise that this is the move of Zuma supporters unhappy at the branch's endorsement of a Mbeki third term as ANC party president.

This latest move will most likely not affect any election outcomes, but signals again what a scrappy, divisive dog-fight the succession battle will be. This only infers further division for the ANC, and will require a very special leader to reunite the party faithful. It seems also that any discussions of breakaways from the ANC mother party in the past will be nothing compared to what will be suggested next year. Interesting times indeed...