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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ANC Power Play II
For better or for worse, 2007 is going to be a seminal year in South African politics. From the recent rumblings in the Eastern Cape, to news today that the NPA is requesting documents from Mauritius, most likely related to Jacob Zuma's meetings with Thint executives there in the leadup to the infamous Arms Deal. The NPA will definitely charge Zuma next year, at a time no doubt, of their choosing. One would wonder if these two incidents are part of a wider, more concerted campaign to start the new year discrediting Zuma as a serious presidential choice.

The NPA would probably charge Zuma again in the first quarter of 2007, which would undoubtedly mean that he would still be busy with the trial during the ANC AGM conference and would thus enter the succession debate's final straight with graft allegations hanging over him. It is difficult to believe that this doesn't have an element of politics behind it, notwithstanding that fact that Zuma must have his day in court to respond to the charges.

Either way, it's clear that the Mbeki-ites are doing what they do best - avoiding public protests and mass rallies in favour of large behind-the-scenes power moves that will quietly deal with obstacles in their way. Look for more of these such moves in the next few months. 2007 is going to be a cracker!