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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Next African War
I'm amazed how some people's appetite for war and violence, and this time I'm directed to the war-ravaged "state" of Somalia. Islamic militants, who have recently taken control of Mogadishu, and now large tracts of Somalia itself, have now turned their attention to Ethiopia, and it seems certain that another proxy war will erupt in Somalia shortly.

In this case, the proxies are the Islamic militia, who are being armed and supported by Syria, Iran and others, and the Ethiopian government, which is being supported diplomatically (and who knows how else) by the Western governments. Emboldened by their success, the Islamists are endeavouring to defeat the Ethiopian forces within Somalia as a rallying call to perhaps attempt to overthrow the Ethiopian government, which it sees as too moderate and too meddlesome. Somalis and Ethiopians have fought many wars in the annals of history, and it seems there is little to circumvent another conflict here. Whoever the victor, the only loser is Africa.