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Monday, October 16, 2006

More De Lille Humour
The ID really seem to be struggling with this whole 'opposition party' racket. After villifying the DA over the mayoral system, De Lille announced that the ID was "wrong" to vote with the ANC during the mayoral election and that it will no longer support the change from the mayoral system in the Western Cape.

"We are saying an emphatic no to the ANC. We do not want the exco to be forced on Cape Town and we want Dyantyi to immediately stop the process," De Lille said.

Without the ID's support in a legal battle, it seems that the ANC will find it a lot tougher to challenge the mayoral system, as their reasoning for doing so was to make the local government "more representative". For reasons of democratic strength, I for one can suggest that this is a good thing...