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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Fox Fun
The Fox News network never seems to cease providing humour in its efforts to spin the Republican cause. I'm sure you've all heard about the Foley case that is lighting fires in Washington at present. If you haven't, the hooplah is about the Republican Congressman for Florida, Mark Foley, who was caught in inappropriately explicit communications with teenage male pages (assistants). Coming up the mid-terms, this was something the Republicans do not need, especially since it has now surfaced that many senior Republicans, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, knew of these communications and did nothing to stop it. Foley has resigned, but he is now just the bottom of the pile of heads the Democrats are after.

Fox News also thinks this may be negative for Republicans, and has now started using the brilliant strategy of pretending that Foley is a Democrat. On Fox's O'Reilly Factor, they discussed Foley, using three 15 second clips of Foley, with the headline "Foley (D-FL)" - stating that he is the Democratic Congressman for Florida.

Propaganda is a wonderful thing...