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Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it time for early elections?
It does seem like a bizarre proposal coming from me, but I'm beginning to see the logic of staging early elections given the paralysis that is rapidly engulfing our Presidency and Cabinet.

With Mbeki's last remaining powers being rapidly stripped of him, and both his international and domestic standing laying in tatters, Mbeki has gone beyond being a lame duck, and now represents a duck shot out of the sky just waiting for the hunting dogs to find him in the reeds. The key problem is, there is no solution for this; this is the status quo until the elections, and thus, there little progress in policy or delivery can be expected from this Cabinet. Adding Motlanthe does something to implement revised policy, but only further sidelines Mbeki as an showman prince of little power.

So what of it? What of moving up the elections to the end of this year rather than next? Sure, it opens up the case of Zuma, but are we not just talking around in circles here? Should Zuma just not get in and let's see what happens? Does it matter if happens in 6 months or 12? If you're thinking that his case would be tried by then, dream on - that boat's going to take a long while to sail yet.

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