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Monday, June 30, 2008

Who's got suggestions?
One of the most frustrating things about the current Zimbabwean situation is that there's no clear path as to what to do to resolve it. It's incredibly difficult to isolate Mugabe without pouring more suffering on Zimbabwe's people, regime change is not on the table (if only there was oil...), and external pressure seems only strengthens Mugabe's position. A recent Time article highlights the plight.

There are many of us calling on Government for results, and vilifying Mbeki for his support of Mugabe, but there are no easy solutions. Have a more aggressive verbal stance on Mugabe? Mugabe loves it, he paints himself as the hero standing up to the world and his core supporters, and his military, love it. Cut off electricity and oil to Zimbabwe? Fine, but you'll have the deaths of thousands of Zimbabweans on your holds, as it'll make foodstuffs and basic commodities not just scarce, but unavailable, and Mugabe will undoubtedly remain untouched. Sanctions? Ditto. Smart sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies? Tried that for three years, it hasn't worked.

Anyone got anything else as a solution?