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Friday, May 30, 2008

A balance of injustices
I often have to raise an eyebrow at some decisions taken at municipal governance level, but this one is more jaw-dropping.

There is a street in Amanzimtoti, Durban called Kingsway Road, where in 1985, a man called Andrew Zondo planted a limpet mine at a shopping centre, killing 5 people. Now, the eThekwini Metro Council, in all its wisdom, has decided to rename the street after the man who took those lives.

Now, I'm a realist, I know that many people justify this taking of life as an anti-apartheid stand, and I'm not calling here for a debate of this, but more to draw attention to the insensetivity of renaming that particular street. If you want to honour this man, for Pete's sake, choose any road but that one. There are people that still live on that street (including the man who's wife was killed in the attack) that were affected by this man's activities, and this decision is not made with a lot of foresight.

Strange indeed.