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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a weekend!
Well, for those of us following politics in this country, this last weekend was undoubtedly seminal in the political landscape of the past decade, as well as the future decade. For actual events, turn to the media, especially Thought Leader which has some fantastic coverage, including the first and only bloggers to gain media accreditation for a political event of this magnitude.

For those of you who watched concerned about the shouting and heckling I would say this: "Welcome to real democracy in action". For some reason we expect democracy to be always civil and polite - it shouldn't be. Democracy is about the power of the people. This is a voting public campaigning for change from a distant and aloof leadership structure.

The voting is going on as I speak, with everyone having pulled out barring Zuma and Mbeki. Yesterday's big story was the revoking of voting rights from 96 Gauteng delegates (for not following correct procedures), which is significant in that Gauteng was a Zuma province. We will have to see the consequence of this later today. Tokyo has refused nomination for chairman of the party, but his influence within the NEC will remain, which can only be a positive thing.

So the critical results will be announced later this afternoon. Baited breath...