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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Media Frustration
I must say I'm often disappointed by the lack of journalistic standards within our media. The recent crime figures released by Government are a case in point. Whilst murder, rape and other hard crimes decreased, business robbery soared by something in the region of 170%. Naturally, the media's focus is on this fact, but how many of you knew that the key reason for this was that spaza stores and Bed and Breakfasts where included in the figures for the first time?

Now given that spaza stores and B&B's are incredibly hot targets for robbery, this is a natural swing in the figures. But how often was that reported? I only heard it once, when Business Against Crime where discussing it on CapeTalk/702. One could argue that Government could have publicised this fact better to minimise the blow, which is entirely credible. But the media's job is to report the facts, not sensationalise.

Unfortunately though, negative always outsells positive when it comes to shifting newspapers...