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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zuma woos business
Jacob Zuma yesterday took investors from Merrill Lynch to lunch yesterday, to explain his economic policies and other positions 'should he become president'. Notably, the Business Day stated that:
Zuma spoke at length about the interdependence between political and economic stability and told the investors that the ANC’s internal process would ensure a smooth transition when the ruling party changes guard.

Zuma told the 20 asset and hedge fund managers that there would be no major shifts on economic policy post-Polokwane, and that the ANC policy conference proposals would guide the party on key political economic and social questions.

On social policy Zuma spoke of the importance of partnerships between the government and businesses, and said that the education sector needed greater investment from the private sector to yield stability in the longer term .
One thing we learn in politics is that talk is cheap, but in line with my previous Zuma posts, I imagine that this is Zuma's true position.