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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tokyo making all the right noises
Good to see presidential hopeful Tokyo Sexwale making all the right noises on freedom of speech at The Star's 120 year anniversary event last night.

"You have the right [to freedom of speech], you don't have to ask for that right ... you have won that right by being citizens of this country," he said. "Let nobody in this country preach otherwise ... the right was won through many years of struggle. Let us hold the ANC accountable to this founding statement of freedom of expression. It is important to remind the ruling party that they are not ruling anybody ... you [the ANC] are a servant of the people and not the other way around."

Sounding very presidential there, Tokyo. We like.

Interesting also was the assertion by The Star's editor Moegsien Williams that "tension between the government and the media was necessary in order for the media to fulfil their constitutional role." Williams went on to say that in his view, ANC policy documents which mooted tighter controls over media and the recent Sunday Times journalist prosecution issues were not matters for concern.

Interesting indeed.