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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bob's losing it (even more than usual)
Mugabe really can't seem to make up his mind about the relative merits of having white farmers in Zimbabwe. After brutalising them for 5 years, Bob recently called them back to bolster his crumbling agricultural output, with an "all is forgiven" speech. Most farmers knew this to be the ruse it was, and Bob this week kicked another 15 farmers off their land.

It's more suicidal stuff from the Zimbabwean leadership. The most vexing question remains around Mbeki's failed policy of quiet diplomacy in Zimbabwe, and the lack of insight to alter it. Mugabe is on his last legs, and Mbeki's focus should be on providing the platform for a successful challenge of his current leadership by a more stable successor. Simply waiting out Mugabe is patently not a viable strategy, and does no service to millions of desperate Zimbabweans. It almost seems hopeless to wish for though, such is Thabo's dogmatism on the issue.