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Thursday, July 20, 2006

More drivel from Namibia
Namibia continues to pat Zimbabwe's economic collapse on the back by reiterating that Zimbabwe is a role model for land redistribution in Africa.
"Namibia's justice minister has praised Zimbabwe's controversial programme of farm seizures, saying newspapers that run negative stories about the country are taken over by forces opposed to the success of Africanism."

"When I came to Zimbabwe I was looking for chaos, disorder, lawlessness and rampant human rights abuse. I was surprised to see people working, some of them on their farms," the minister said.

Amazing to hear that he was "surprised" to see people working, and even more so that some of them were working on farms. What was his expectation, that no-one in Zimbabwe works? If so, how does that parallel with his view that Zimbabwe's land redistribution efforts are a role model?

Pointing out the obvious, let's all remind Namibia that Zimbabwe, once the proudest of African agriculturalists, has turned into a collapsed producer, becoming a net importer of agricultural produce in 5 short years.