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Monday, May 08, 2006

The ANC's rogue Cape branch
The latest comments coming out of the ANC's Cape Town branch must be of concern to the party as a whole. If not, I am extremely concerned about the hubris of our governing party.

African National Congress provincial chairperson James Ngculu stated on Saturday that "We in the ANC strenuously reject any calls that we should allow the DA to rule and we become the spectators (of) the circus in the City of Cape Town whose principal actor has been aptly called GodZille." Ngculu said they must not "relax or relent" until they had removed Zille.

This Cape anomaly is a definite yardstick for the ANC's respect for this country's hard-fought democracy and so far, they are failing to prove any semblance thereof. Whilst earlier rogue statements by the Cape branch have met with dismissal and public distancing by the national party structure, the continued insinuations by the local branch that the ANC will try with all its might to make the Cape ungovernable for the DA is illustrating a distinct lack of will to bring the local structure into line.

This is of great concern to me, and I can only hope for more public messages by the national ANC leadership of support for democracy in the coming days.