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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

W Cape Politics Hurting Constituents
Wallace Mgoqi's attempts to bring down the Zille government in the Western Cape are misguided and mischievous, and say little for the ANC's respect of democracy. Mgoqi's insistence on remaining in the city manager role in name only is slowing the government's abilities to implement and run the city, which is arguably the ANC's premise in the first place. If the DA are to be believed, then Mgoqi has even turned to fraudulent activities to try to negate the democractic win by the DA in the Cape. The ANC must have knowledge of this, otherwise they would have long since forced him to rescind his actions, and this is a distinct worry for our democracy as a whole.

The only people this action by Mgoqi is hurting at present is those living in the Cape. Whilst this issue is still up in the air, and whilst precious governing time is being hijacked by its progress, the Western Cape is being short-changed in terms of delivery. There are many pressing issues in the Cape, from housing shortages to the electricity crisis, all of which are not being given the regional government's full attention at present.

The ANC's talk of a full-scale emphasis on regional government delivery clearly only applies to ANC-led regional leadership. Their lack of support for, and active interference in, the DA-led regional government is a blight on their national policies, and it's issues like this that make me an ANC supporter at a national level, but an anybody-but-the-ANC supporter at regional levels of government, until they can prove a democratic maturity with objectives for the people of our country, not just their party.