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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hamas shows true colours
Yesterday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv showed how difficult this Palestinian leadership is going to be for Hamas, and also, how the proverbial leopard cannot change its spots. Whilst Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah decried the attack on Israeli civilians, Hamas claimed that it was justifiable "self-defence".

Hamas' response kills any hope held by Western 'appeasers' that Hamas could turn its back on violence, and once again illustrates that Hamas is simply not a partner for peace in the region. With their coffers already low from a rapid closing of the foreign aid taps, Hamas' support for this suicide attack further alienates it from potential donors and makes it impossible for moderate foreign governments to be sympathetic to their cause. This may be the first step in showing how impossible it will be for Hamas to viably govern the Palestinian state. There are simply too many unsavoury attributes attached to the movement that makes effective governance, especially in international terms, incredibly challenging.