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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Life and Times of Thabo
News24 reports on Thabo's penmanship in the year to March 2005:

President Thabo Mbeki signed his name to 505 laws and 1168 presidential minutes in the 2004/'05 financial year.

According to the presidency's annual report tabled in parliament, Mbeki signed 585 pardons, 31 proclamations and 100 international agreements.

He had approved the appointments of 452 civil servants including ambassadors, consul generals and judges.

In addition, he signed 41 acts of parliament, authorised 436 foreign visits by ministers and deputy ministers, accepted the leave of absence of five ministers, and approved 23 documents for the appointments of acting presidents and commissions of enquiry.

A new law every 9 hours, nearly two pardons a day? Not bad going, perhaps that explains some of the quality control issues and how some of these new laws have been passed!