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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Zim Agricultural Ministry rues unproductive farmland
With the sheer stupidity if their actions only now dawning, Zim's deputy minister for agriculture, Sylvester Nguni, yesterday stated that:
"The problem is that we gave land to people lacking the passion for farming and this is why every year production has been declining."

He said although an ongoing drought had contributed to reduced yields, "the biggest letdown has been that people without the slightest idea of farming got land and the result has been declining agricultural output."
The damage has been done, and the majority of the highly skilled farmers dispossessed of their land have been lost to Zimbabwe, setting up new ventures in surrounding SADC countries. Zimbabwe now faces a time-bomb to try to regenerate agricultural production, which is why government has been forced into these types of statements. Mugabe is now threatening to re-invade farms that are not producing, and try to find anyone with farming skills to return them to their former state of productivity.

With this type of commentary coming out of the Mugabe government, one can only hope that their belligerence is tiring and the cracks beginning to show. With the disarray of the MDC, the only thing stopping the Mugabe government is itself. We can only hope...