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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dirty FEMA Laundry
There's nobody like the Americans to air their dirty laundry whenever possible, and with the recent Hurricane Katrina debacle, this was only a matter of time. A Louisiana congressman, Rep. Charlie Melancon, (a Democrat quite naturally) has placed a number of emails written by FEMA director Mike Brown on his website. (PDF of the emails here)

It's not flattering of Brown, discussing the fact that he "is a fashion god" whilst Katrina was wreaking devastation on New Orleans. Whilst I view the FEMA response to Katrina as pitiful and support the fact that the truth behind the response should be aired, and investigations concluded, I don't think this type of selective airing of emails is helpful. It's simply too easy for the congressman to select the most damaging mails and present a false picture of the reponses efforts.