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Friday, May 13, 2005

No Rings Around Manto?
First prize for the most incomprehensible headline goes to the Mail & Guardian on this one. Responding to an article in the Business Day, Government Communications and Information Service head Joel Netshitenzhe stated that there was no truth to the allegations that Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was being kept away from the media to dissuade her from damaging government's AIDS program further.

Whilst buttoning Manto up is a great idea, especially in terms of the damage to our international prestige, I prefer Manto to be out in the open that operating behind closed doors. "Rather the devil you know" and all that. Imagine Manto continuing to practice her medieval solutions to the AIDS crisis without the populace having any idea of her activities. Firstly, it would hurt the pro-ARV groups (which is why government is considering it in the first place) as Manto provides a permanent platform for response by the TAC and the like when she makes her public outbursts. Secondly, we as the general public would have little account of developments (or lack thereof) have been made in the pursuit of solving our AIDS problems.

So unleash Manto I say. Let her speak her mind.

Or of course, there's the other solution. Just fire her for complete incompetence...