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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The USA's Global Health Corps
Manto better get her trenches dug, because the Yankees are a comin'. That's according to a report released recently outlining proposals for a Global Health Corps of US volunteers (similar to the Peace Corps) which will be tasked primarily with rolling out AIDS programs in developing countries. The report states
"In a 199-page report, "Healers Abroad: Americans Responding to the Human Resource Crisis in HIV/AIDS," the panel proposed an initial Global Health Service Corps of 150 members. They would be government employees who would be sent to one of the 15 target countries in PEPFAR -- 12 nations of sub-Saharan Africa, plus Haiti and Guyana in the Caribbean and Vietnam in Southeast Asia -- and would work there for three years, primarily as advisers and trainers to health ministries and organizations."
One can only imagine Manto turning them away at the airports...