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Monday, April 11, 2005

FW Hits Alzheimers
Whilst we all knew this was the case during the regional NNP conferences about six months past, the NNP finally took the well supported step of disbanding the party over the weekend. This was an inevitable step heralded by the party's past, and delayed only by the misguided notion that if they added a word onto the party brand, all would be forgiven. Subject closed.

What I did find interesting were FW de Klerk's equally and somewhat inexplicably misguided comments about the "void" in political opposition left by the dissolution. Is he serious? A party without roots and without a leader, a party that garnered an absolutely marginal level of support in the last election, a party that has been engulfed by the ANC itself? FW has clearly fallen out of step with the realities of the South African political lanscape and, more especially, the realities of the pathetic state of his party. Perhaps he wishes he was there leading the charge against the ANC, with his crew of henchmen underneath him. Whatever the case, FW de Klerk has no foundation to be calling for a stronger opposition to come out of the NNP. South Africa has moved on, and its high time De Klerk stopped clinging by his fingernails to the party that birthed Apartheid and took his rightful place in the political wilderness.