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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Land reform in South Africa
The Financial Times carries an interesting report on the economic risk surrounding land reform in South Africa.

His support for Mugabe withstanding, Mbeki has a clear vision of the huge socio-economic risks associated with an accelerated land reform, but knows that he must provide a solution. One hopes that this solution is developed before the succession debates for the 2008 presidency are commenced. If not, as the FT states, it will be critical that the ANC succession debates are open, transparent and predictable, as not to make land reform a politically charged issue that is largely exaggerated under attempts at gaining popular candidate support.

The FT article closes by stating that "South Africa?s economic stability is overvalued because the potential for political turmoil is rising." It's threatening talk, but I cannot see the ANC turning their backs on the economic strides made in the past decade. Presidential hopefuls like Zuma and Dlamini-Zuma are worldy enough to comprehend the need for international investment, and the resultant dangers of undertaking an inequitable land reform program. Their are equitable solutions to this issue, they just need to be negotiated.