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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Silent WMD Case
I have to commend South African investigators for the way they have gone about the ongoing WMD case. The investigation has potentially explosive international conitations, and there has been a notable level of professionalism about the case, with none of the usual media leaks and no members blabbing too much to get some TV airtime. In fact, there's almost been a veil of secrecy thrown over the whole affair, with even the lawyers for the accused saying they're confused.

Meanwhile, internationally, the investigation has been seen as so important that US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher commended South Africa for "its efforts to act against the A.Q. Khan network. We think that the activities that they have undertaken are an important contribution to international efforts to shut down this network," he said. The UN has also stated that the investigation "may shed light on both Libya and Iran's nuclear programmes."

This is the kind of publicity South Africa needs. A professional investigation into a potentially large nuclear weapons issue that highlights our contribution to the international community.