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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Mbeki's meeting with Likud
I wholeheartedly commend Mbeki on welcoming the Likud delegation to South Africa. The ANC stance has been to assail Israel at any opportunity and support the Palestinian cause against "Apartheid-like oppression", and to meet with the Likud delegation, who epitomise everything that the Mbeki administration stands against, is an act of a secure leadership that is sincerely intersted in contributing to international affairs. Many world, and especially African, leaders that have taken a similar stance against Israel would distance themselves from Likud, but Mbeki has embraced them in the interests of Middle East peace.

According the the Dept. of Foreign Affairs "The South African delegation hopes to share its experiences with members of the Likud Party about the transformation process that led to the dawn of democracy, peace and justice in South Africa."

I wish the South African and Likud delgations the best of luck in any attempt to difuse this incredibly complex situation in Israel and the Palestine.