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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The "Scratcher" Story
The UK media has really dug into the Thatcher story, and it's always interesting to see how it's being covered, often along parochial lines. The UK Independent probably has the most balanced coverage of the Thatcher, or should I say "Scratcher", scandal, with an in-depth explanation of how they see Sir Mark being caught up in it. The Sun, as per usual, takes a different, rather more salacious slant in supporting the Thatchers reporting "Sir Mark at the mercy of a cannibal" and also "Maggie torment over son", whilst the Guardian takes tougher line on Thatcher. Even tougher is the Mirror, which quotes a Scorpions spokesperson as saying "The Scorpions do not just arrest people unless there is a very strong case. This man has a very serious case to answer."

Each of these positions you could probably have safely predicted before they hit the streets, due to the fact that Maggie Thatcher, more than most personalities, polarises the UK media along party or ideological grounds.