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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Gadaffi celebrates 35 years
Enigmatic leader Mohammad Gadaffi held celebratory rallies in Libya yesterday to mark his 35th year in power of the Arab nation. If anybody had told you 10 years ago that Gadaffi would be invited to the White House, they would have been led away in a straight jacket, yet under the shifting winds of political necessity, here stands a leader heralded by the Western powers.

This has never ceased to amaze me, even more so the fact that the US politicans fail to appreciate it's transparency to the rest of the world. Gadaffi made some remotely conciliatory gestures made purely out of intense economic strain leading to the need to remove economic sanctions against the country. Has the man changed at the root? One would hardly think so. I doubt that the CIA is following Gadaffi's money trail which would no doubt remain in place with many covert terrorist organisations. The Bush administration required a hero, and if they could find no-one else, Gadaffi would do. Never mind his alleged dabblings in Saudi assassination attempts. Or his continued rantings against Western powers. Gadaffi is a sad old man looking for an old age home.

So now we have one of the Arab world's leading exponents of terror, shaking hands with the Western world's leading exponent of the 'war' on terror, and all is forgiven. Political expediency is a neccessary evil in modern politics, but that does nothing to remove the sour taste it leaves in my mouth.