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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lessons on the future of US Conservatism
Great piece in the Wall St Journal on the future of conservatism through the life of Bill Buckley, widely seen as the father of modern US Conservatism.

Buckley's brand of conservatism stood for capitalism and individualistic freedom, to the point where he sometimes took some bizarre positions which often flew in the face of the Republican party. (In the late 70's he called for the abandonment of anti-drugs laws, calling them "capricious and unenforceable" a position very far from that of the GOP.) He stood for a Conservatism that was inherent to a movement, not necessarily a political party, and his support of the strength of action over timidness are hallmarks of the modern GOP's foreign policy.

However, as the WSJ point out, his tenure as father of the movement, also has distinct lessons for a movement so out of touch with the modern America of Obama, lessons the Conservatives will have to heed as they try to re-imagine themselves to find some greater relevance.

For those, have a read of the piece here.