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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Desperation sets in...
The DA has taken legal action against the ANC in Mpumalanga for allegedly distributing fake DA pamphlets which in essence warn of the 'return of the Swart Gevaar'. The ANC has followed an incredibly successful strategy over the past five years of type-casting the DA as a racist party representing the white elite, so this allegation does have some traction.

Very similar allegations and legal action was taken in Southern US states during the recent US Presidential elections, where the Democrats accused the Republicans of using identical such methods. In South Africa though, if these were borne out as being legitimate allegations, this would reflect an ANC increasingly desperate to retain votes in an intensely bitter election campaign.

The ANC however, has much experience in dealing politically with the DA. The more interesting developments to watch will be the ANC campaign strategy against COPE. Up until present, the ANC's approach has been a mixture of animal metaphors, personal slurs and their denigration as an "angry washed-up elite". The elevation of COPE presidential candidate, Mvume Dandala, may well give them some more ammunition, given his relative obscurity in South African politics. I would imagine that Dandala will have a tough time fighting his corner in the coming two months.