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Friday, October 03, 2008

The last person to the party...
It seems the SACP are the last people to learn that they aren't invited to the party. ANC leftists are bemoaning the fact that the Motlanthe cabinet holds so little for them in terms of representation, and have been dealt a further blow with the news that the ANC's economic conference, something on which they had put much relevance on, has been cancelled.

I said it over 18 months ago, and it remains true today. Jacob Zuma is a very shrewd politician, often underestimated on this score, and he knew exactly what he needed to do to ascend to power. Whilst economic policy needs small shifts to avoid anarchy and promote poverty alleviation amongst the less fortunate of our country, it will never be the wholesale change so trumpeted by Nzimande, Vavi et al.

The SACP's seats have gone from right beside Zuma, to a side room outside of the auditorium. Will this change after April next year? Marginally, but in no way will it be decisive.