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Monday, February 04, 2008

Whispering in the corridors...
Jacob Zuma used a speech over the weekend to lambaste those who he saw as working against his position as party president, which has been taken by many to mean an attack on Mbeki supporters within the ANC"
"As we worked (towards) Polokwane, because we had differences we had the right to meet, lobby, caucus, do whatever. But once a decision has been taken at conference, we cannot continue to meet," he said, suggesting that those meetings "could not be healthy".

He said the only times those meetings could be excused was when those who held them gathered together to acknowledge that "man, they had a preference but failed".

"It's over. Those meetings have been going on since December and I would say those meetings are meetings to end meetings," he said to loud applause.

He said the ANC delegates had made their decision and it should be accepted.

Those who failed to do so were "working against the ANC" and "harsher action should be taken against those".
However, it may also be a swipe at Mathews Phosa and others closer to him, whom Zuma has accused of working behind his back to concost a plan to take over leadership should he (Zuma) be convicted in his graft case later this year. Zuma is known to be livid about this whispering behind his back, most especially between Phosa and Motlanthe. It brings to bear concern about the ultimate leadership of Zuma, and his ability to control those immediately under him.

Interesting times indeed.