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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Condom Bribery Scandal - The Final Straw or...?
Another day, another scandal in the Health Ministry (front page of CNN nogal). This time the heat is off Manto on a personal level, bit she's very much in the spotlight from a governance level. It turns out the the Health Department has recalled 20 million, (yes that's 20 million) potentially defective condoms approved by an official accused of taking bribes from the condom manufacturer. This falls under Manto's reporting structures, and one wonders what else is going to emerge from this error-ridden department.

Is it enough to be the final straw for Manto's job? Doubtful. Mbeki has shown an unshakeable trust in Manto, employing his trademark character flaw of digging his heels in when challenged and showing stubborn loyalty to those that support him. As the taxi windscreen says "when days are dark and friends are few..."