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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Zuma 'Coup'
Mmm, who knows what to make of this latest 'report' on Zuma's alleged funding by a variety of supposedly jealous African countries. The report would have us believe that a number of African countries (including Libya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Congo-Brazzavile and Angola), burnt by SA's lead role in the AU and jealous of Mbeki's power and stature on the continent, have been actively meeting to align funding and support for 'a street-level revolution' behind Zuma's campaign.

All of this is not of too much concern, this type of cross-border funding activity takes place all over the globe, but what was of grave concern is that the report states that military support (even using the word 'coup') for Zuma's cause has been discussed.

If this is in fact true, there are people mentioned in the report, such as SACP chief Blade Nzimande, that will undoubtedly face treason charges. It will also be another torpedo into Zuma's listing presidential ship. However, this report is all too easily explained away by those on the left that see this as yet another piece of the 'dirty tricks' campaign against Zuma. Ronnie Kasrils has moved swifly to distance all of his intelligence organs from this report and there seems to be much confusion over its origins.

At present, the report's validity is all conjecture. The intelligence arms of the Government wll undoubtedly have a good look at it, but in line with other intelligence scandals of late, if it proves to be real, the intelligence departments would only be looking for their own scent.