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Friday, May 11, 2007

Quote of the Day

It seems as if Matthias Rath is rapidly degenerating into outright madness, and not a moment too soon for this man. Can we all just forget about this idiot now? His latest theory states that the apartheid regime was part of a global plot by the pharmaceutical industry:
"This regime was the political arm to turn South Africa into a bridgehead of the pharmaceutical interests with the goal to conquer and control the entire African continent.

Together with their ongoing economic interests -- namely chemical/pharmaceutical business interests -- they brought their extensive 'know how' in building and 'managing' a totalitarian regime to South Africa.

Much the same as previously in Europe, their goal was to establish a dictatorship serving these corporate interests while keeping the majority of the population 'under control'.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry became the economic pillar of the apartheid regime, and South Africa became a stronghold for pharmaceutical companies."

He also goes on to call the TAC "almost a copy" of Hitler's Brown Shirts. Oh what wonderful friends Manto keeps...