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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Can we get back to delivery now?
After months of squabbling Dyanti and Zille have finally agreed a way forward in the Western Cape. It's definitely not a victory for Dyanti, which I'm happy about, with Zille only acceding to an additional two more sub-council chairmanships for the ANC.

This is largely a face-saving measure and leads me to believe that Dyanti may have been put under some weighty pressure from the ANC structures in the seats of power up North. It's definitely a victory for democracy though, and one hopes that this will dissuade other regional ANC structures from following similar ridiculous routes (assuming anyone beats the ANC anywhere else!).

Let's hope that this is the last of this petty sniping from the ANC, and that we can all get back to governance in what is a critical 4 years in the lead-up to the World Cup. All in all though, I'm very glad that democratic principles have been upheld and that the ANC was not allowed to bully its way around the electorate. Perhaps our young democracy is stronger than we all think...