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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Islamic militia set to rule Somalia
It seems likely that in the next five to ten years, Africa will be a central battleground for Islamic terrorism. North Africa is generally sympathetic to the radical cause, having a long Islamic history, and the Horn of Africa has long harboured Islamic terrorists.

The most recent clashes have taken place in Somalia, where the incumbent warlords have been fighting a bloody battle with an Islamic militia group, The Islamic Courts Union. Yesterday, the Islamic Courts Union completed it's victory in Mogadishu, and is trying to establish Islamic rule in the capital city. Given that nobody has been able to govern Mogadishu, and thus Somalia, for decades, it will prove an interesting experiment.

Whatever the outcome, it will undoubtedly embolden other Islamic militia groups in countries similar to Somalia where there exist huge power vacuums. This can only spell further trouble for our embattled continent...