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Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush panders to his conservative base
In what can only be described as a political move to try and restore a semblance of credibility with the conservative voters, Bush is trying to push through an amendment on gay marriage. Let's not forget that Bush used this heavily on his campaign trail in 2004, but yet has done nothing, not even said anything, about it in the two years since.

It will be a miracle if the Senate approves this, a fact I'm sure Bush well knows, but it provides a rallying point for the Republican conservatives who have in the last year begun to shun Bush's leadership.

This may be a Bush initiative, but it's something that the entire Republican party needs before the upcoming mid-terms. Republicans have been battered in the past year, with internal scandals, a lack of political ability to push through reforms, and some hot-button failures such as immigration. If they are to pick up the pieces, they need to present a united front, and it will be issues like this so dear to social conservatives that will rally them. Whether it'll be enough, that's to be seen...