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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sporting Triumph
After that victory yesterday, I hope you'll forgive me for moving away from politics for a second. A truly sensational game that will be incredibly difficult to replicate, and a game which has given South Africa a new-found confidence ahead of the upcoming test series. Incredible to watch, and a joy to be on the winning side of these classic encounters - for once!

From the time of Ceasar, when the Romans realised the its importance to a nation's psyche, and its importance in keeping the masses happy, sport has found an incredible power in galvanising a society. Look no further than the '95 Rugby World Cup, which did so much for our fledgling post-apartheid nation. It's amazing how a nation can wake up with a collective smile on their faces after a win of the magnitude as this one. I suppose it doesn't hurt that the loser happens to be Australia!