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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DA has deal for Cape
The DA announced yesterday that they have a deal with the smaller parties that will give them the magic 106 seats for majority in the Western Cape. The deal, which they have until March 18th to confirm, joins the DA, the ACDP and a few smaller parties together in a coalition.

This is the best result of a bad bunch of options for the DA, as one could simply not see a miracle partnership of the DA and the ID lasting for more than a few months. The egos involved would simply be too great. The ACDP realises that is has little serious opposition clout, and would be best served by influencing policy within a DA coalition, so it provides their best opportunity.

Personally I would be very happy for this coalition to be confirmed. I get a new mayor that isn't Nomaindia Mfeketo, and I don't have to hear Patricia de Lille crowing away on each and every municipal decision.